Hoosier Legend Car Tire Rule Update Effective Immediately

HARRISBURG, NC : U.S. Legends Cars and International has announced an immediate rule amendment to the Hoosier Asphalt Legend Car race tire.

Rule update #62520-1 states the following :

  • The minimum tread depth (measured with an Intercomp tread depth gauge) is 3/32″.
  • Cambered tread depth is not permitted.
  • The minimum Hoosier, Legend Car, Asphalt tire & wheel weights are as follows:

Hoosier, Legend Car, Asphalt tire & Aero or Bassett “light” wheel = 24lbs.

Hoosier, Legend Car, Asphalt tire & Standard wheel = 27lbs.

If any Hoosier, Legend Car, Asphalt tire is found in violation of the above specifications, that car will be disqualified from that race.

Along with these INEX rules, it is a Southeast Legends Tour series rule that NO Legend or Bandolero tires my be on the track property, whether on the race car or in the trailer wrapped in plastic, or similar materials. It is also not permitted the remove the tires from the race car after qualifying and take them into the race car trailer. After qualifying all four tires MUST remain with the car and no one is permitted to remove their tires and doing any additional prep work.

Note: Hoosier Bandolero Tire

INEX is continuing to monitor the Hoosier Bandolero tire in the field & will have more definitive specifications for this tire as soon as possible. They had a Hoosier representative at Charlotte Motor Speedway this past Monday to talk to the Bandolero teams and see how the tires were performing firsthand.

It is the intention of INEX to not allow cambered tread. Minimum tread depths & minimum tire and wheel weights may be put in place to accomplish this.

All Hoosier tires having directional arrows must be mounted so that the tire travels in the direction of the arrow. Hoosier tires having directional arrows will have them on both sidewalls.  Directional arrows may not be on a tire that can have both a left and/or right side application. All Hoosier tires not having directional arrows should be mounted as detailed below.

Every Hoosier race tire has a four character serial code embossed into ONE sidewall of the tire. All Hoosier DOT tires will also have two additional codes as required by the Department of Transportation.

(Includes both dirt and asphalt tires)
Hoosier tires must be mounted with the SERIAL CODE located toward the infield.

(Includes catalog numbers beginning with 43, 44, 45, 46)
In most cases, Hoosier tires used in Road Race applications should be mounted with the SERIAL CODE toward the center of the vehicle.  Once a tire has been run in the proper orientation it is acceptable to remount the tire in the opposite direction to even out the wear.