Hoosier Tire Rules Amended for Southeast Legends / Bandolero Tours

ROCKWELL, NC : The Southeast Legends Tour has amended the Hoosier tire rules that INEX has put out with additional Series rules that will be effective today at all Southeast Legends / Bandolero Tour events.

  A. Tires wrapped in plastic, cellophane, fabric, or any other material is prohibited at all times once a team enters SELT/SEBT pit area. ANY tire found to be in violation will be confiscated by series officials. Tires will be returned at conclusion of event.

  B. Cleaning, Buffing, Prepping, Shrinking, Stretching will be prohibited at all times in SELT/SEBT pit area. Tires may be stretched by air pressure only.  VIOLATION OF THIS RULE: confiscation of tire indefinitely

  C. (Hoosier tires)  Camber cutting tires will be prohibited. Sipping and Re-Grooving tires will be prohibited. Minimum tread depth 3/32 in. Tires will be measured around and across tire and must maintain 1/32 in. tolerance. Flat spots will be considered by series officials. VIOLATION OF THIS RULE:  DQ for the event and a 1 race SELT/SEBT suspension.

  D. DRY TIRE RULE. INEX has a dry tire rule. ANY HOOSIER TIRE that reads 61pts or lower by series officials will be confiscated and sent to INEX for chemical analysis.
VIOLATION OF THIS RULE : can be found on page 72 of the 2020 INEX rulebook


    A. Tire will be marked before qualifying . Once qualifying has concluded the 4 marked tires will remain with the qualified car. ANY tire not found with its car ( Inside, next to, in front of It’s trailer) will be confiscated immediately. That car will start rear of field.

    B. Qualified Tires will be allowed to be relocated around qualified car.

    C. Any car that presents for feature event without 4 marked qualifying tires will start rear of field.


    A. All SELT/SEBT officials  tech tools are the standard. All series rulings are final.

Series Director Jeff Jordan and Tech Inspector John Kelly will both be at tonight’s Summer Shootout at Charlotte Motor Speedway to answer any questions regarding the upcoming changes to the Hoosier tire rules for the Series.