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Messer Heating & Air Double Dare Challenge On Tap for Legends at Tri-County Speedway

(Southeast Legends Tour drivers lined up for their feature event at Kingsport Speedway earlier this year / Photo Credit :

ROCKWELL, NC : The next stop for the Southeast Legends Tour presented by RPM Pro-Formance returns to the 4/10ths-mile Tri-County Speedway in Hudson, North Carolina on August 8th with a twist. Due to the affected schedule changes this year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Legends will be running twin features to make up one of the lost events. However, this twin feature event will feature several bonuses for drivers to chase.

Being labeled the Messer Heating & Air Double Dare 25’s the winner of the first Legends feature race will pocket the standard purse winnings of $400. The pay throughout the remainder of the field is the same as every other normal SELT event.

Now here is the twist for the competitors. The winner of the first feature will roll the dice for the invert number for the second feature. The lineup for the second feature will be the finishing order of the first feature with the invert adjusted after the dice roll. If the feature winner from the first race comes back and sweeps both feature events that driver will collect an additional $400 in RPM Pro-Formance bonus money to make it a $1200 night at the track.

BUT….here is where the Messer Heating & Air Double Dare comes in play. The feature winner from the first 25 lap race will be given the option to forfeit their starting position in the second feature in order to start last and have a chance to win an additional $2,000 if they can come from last to win the second feature race also. If a driver sweeps both feature race wins and chooses to take on the Double Dare Challenge that driver will leave Tri-County Speedway on August 8th with $3200 in race winnings. On top of the prize money that driver would also earn an additional 50 bonus championship points for pulling off the double.

If the winner of the first feature opts to not take the challenge, RPM Pro-Formance’s Jeff Jordan will then proceed to offer the Messer Heating & Air Double Dare Challenge to the second place finisher and so on through the top five finishers of the first feature until the first driver accepts the challenge. Only the winner of the first feature is eligible for the $400 bonus as that is just for the driver that wins both races, regardless of where they opted to start.

The Double Dare Bonus is being put up by Jones Construction Utilities, Temco of the Upstate and CamCo Landscaping LLC of North Carolina. Without the support of those folks and the other series sponsors this opportunity would not be possible. We thank them and all our series patrons for their support of the Southeast Legends and Bandolero Tours.

If there are more than 30 cars entered for the August 8th event, the SELT qualifying procedures will be as follows for the double feature events. From qualifying the TOP 22 in time will be locked into BOTH feature races. There will then be a B-Main (laps to be determined) to lock in the TOP 6 from that race and they will make up starting positions 23-28. The final two starting spots will go to the 2 highest drivers in the 2020 SELT Championship Standings not already in the field.

For those that do not qualify in the first feature their night may not be over. If there are any cars that start the first feature and either opt to not race the second feature, or are unable to start the second feature, drivers from the B-Main beginning with finishing position 7 will be offered the chance to tag the back of the field of the second 25 lap race until we fill out a full field of 30 cars.

More information regarding race procedures and format questions will be answered at the track in the drivers meeting before practice, which will also include the new INEX Hoosier tire rules as well. Remember on August 1st, 2020 the new INEX Hoosier tire rule goes into effect and there will be another rule update for the SELT in the upcoming days as well from Series Head Tech Official John Kelly.