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Additional Race Procedures and Rules for Tri-County Double Dare Challenge

ROCKWELL, NC : This weekend’s Messer Heating & Air Double Dare Challenge event will feature twin races for the Legend teams and thus there are some additional rules and race procedures in place for this special event. There will be a MANDATORY driver and crew chief meeting at the Southeast Legends Tour trailer at 12:30 PM.

  1. Following the first round of Legends practice, teams WILL designate the set of 4 tires that will be used for the remainder of the night’s event.  Those tires will be marked PRIOR to the start of the second round of practice
  2. The SECOND round of practice times will be used to set the qualifying order. 
  • Following the second round of practice the field will be captured off turn one.
    • Teams can plan on taking any tire data on pit road by turn one.
    • ANY team that returns to their pit stall AFTER they have completed the second round of practice will lose all their times posted in that round and will qualify last.
    • Race cars will be lined up for qualifying and IMPOUNDED on the inner circle of the pit area on a 45 degree angle.
    • Teams WILL be allowed to work on their race cars in the impound area
    • Teams are NOT allowed to touch the tires in any manner with any tool, or object for the remainder of the event.
    • ANYONE who touches their race tires in impound WILL NOT RACE THAT EVENT
    • Teams WILL be able to move their tires around the car

In an effort to level the playing field for buffed and cleaned race tires ALL CARS MUST run the second practice to put laps on their tires before qualifying.  ALL CARS MUST run a minimum of 8 LAPS and CANNOT sandbag their lap times.

ALL lap times MUST be in the 18 second lap time range or faster.  If a team cannot achieve this they may be asked to add laps at speed once the practice session is over.

  1. Teams must present their cars for qualifying race ready.  You will not be allowed to fuel, or adjust the car after qualifying.
    • Following qualifying the race cars will be captured on pit road and no one will be allowed to touch ANY of the cars after qualifying.
    • If anyone touches their race cars after qualifying they will forfeit all those lap times.
    • Drivers MUST stay with the race car
    • Top 5 in qualifying will be sent to the for weights and measurements
    • The remainder of the field will be lined up and placed on a 45 degree angle for the first Double Dare feature.
    • Tire pressure adjustments will be the only allowed adjustment before the first feature race
  1. After the first Double Dare feature the top 5 race cars will immediately head to the tech area for post-race inspection.  The remainder of the field will remain in order and return to the designated IMPOUND area.
    • Teams will be allowed to work on their cars after the first feature
    • If any parts need to be replaced due to damage, the teams will need to get approval from the SELT tech inspectors first
    • If anyone has a flat tire, leaking tire, bent rim prior approval from the SELT tech inspectors is needed
    • There will be no penalties for APPROVED parts changes
    • Any unapproved part changes will move that car to the back of the lineup for the second feature race

Technical Inspection on hard parts at the end of the night will be for BOTH features.

Teams will be able to cover their cars with a car cover, or their tires with clean towels.  No canopies will be allowed in the impound area

Anyone interested can download a PDF file of the rules formatted in the link for HERE —— > DOUBLE DARE RACE / TECH PROCEDURES