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IMPORTANT : Halloween Heat Race Procedures & Final Days to Get Pre-Entry Form In

ROCKWELL, NC : The Halloween Heat Southeast Legends Tour non-points, Big Money event will feature strict and special procedures for the race weekend on October 30th and 31st at Tri-County Speedway. This is a daytime event and all activities are trying to be held by 7pm. Please be on time to your cars when your session is up and for the races. John Kelly is the INEX Tech Inspector assigned to this event and he will be there on race day.


This will be a very fast paced day!!! We will be done by dark. THIS EVENT ONLY HAS ONE (1) PRACTICE SESSION. It will be 10 laps with 10 cars on track. There is a Friday open practice session scheduled from NOON until dark, so you can figure out car setup and tire stagger. 


The tires on your car for the ONLY PRACTICE SESSION on Saturday will be your tires for the day. You will need to run minimum 8 laps of practice. If you do not run 8 laps in practice penalties may be implemented. 

Following Saturday practice the race cars will be lined up in the Southeast Legends Tour IMPOUND AREA by the Legends pit area. In impound you will be able to work on the car and change parts. YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO CHANGE ANY TIRES. Tires may be moved around the car for adjustment. You can clean your tires with a tire cleaning glove or hand wire brush.

Following qualifying the TOP 20 CARS will head to the tech area and if they pass tech they will be locked in the A-MAIN Feature Race. Those 20 cars will then be impounded. The Top 20 WILL NOT be allowed to change any parts on the car unless approved by SELT officials. The Top 20 can cover the car or tires if they choose to at this point in time. All other cars will be allowed to go back to their pit stalls and adjust/change parts and tires on there car to prepare for the B-MAIN. 


  A. Tires wrapped in plastic, cellophane, fabric, or any other material is prohibited at all times once a team enters SELT pit area. ANY tire found to be in violation will be confiscated by series officials. Tires will be returned at conclusion of event.

  B. Cleaning, Buffing, Prepping, Shrinking, Stretching will be prohibited at all times in SELT pit area. Tires may be stretched by air pressure only.  VIOLATION OF THIS RULE: confiscation of tire indefinitely

  C. (Hoosier tires)  Camber cutting tires will be prohibited. Sipping and Re-Grooving tires will be prohibited. Minimum tread depth 3/32 in. Tires will be measured around and across tire and must maintain 1/32 in. tolerance. Flat spots will be considered by series officials. VIOLATION OF THIS RULE:  DQ for the event and a 1 race SELT suspension.

  D. DRY TIRE RULE. INEX has a dry tire rule. ANY HOOSIER TIRE that reads 61pts or lower by series officials will be confiscated and sent to INEX for chemical analysis.
VIOLATION OF THIS RULE : can be found on page 72 of the 2020 INEX rulebook


    A. Tire will be marked before qualifying . Once qualifying has concluded the 4 marked tires will remain with the qualified car.

    B. Qualified Tires will be allowed to be relocated around qualified car.

    C. Any car that presents for feature event without 4 marked qualifying tires will start rear of field.


    A. All SELT officials tech tools are the standard. All series rulings are final.

After the B-MAIN all cars will head to tech area. Once those cars have been cleared in tech they will be lined up in impound to fill the 36 car A-MAIN starting field. If any damage needs to be repaired you will be allowed to do that in impound. You need to have a tech official’s approval to change any parts on the car after the B-MAIN. Top 10 in SELT points are guaranteed to start in A-MAIN.

Those guaranteed a starting position in the A-MAIN from the 2020 Southeast Legends Tour final point standings are :

  • D.J. Canipe
  • Michael Alcaro
  • Alex Urbina
  • Nick Morabito
  • Jesse Hilger
  • Lee Jordan
  • Tyler Lester
  • Walker Yates
  • Daniel Wilk
  • Eric Courtney

Those provisionals ARE NOT transferrable to another driver.

A-MAIN adjustments are as follows :

  1. Adjustments will start 30 minutes before the A-MAIN scheduled start time
  2. You can adjust anything on the car without replacing any parts
  3. You will be allowed to jack up car and remove the tires as long as they DO NOT LEAVE the car/impound area.
  4. You will be able to add fuel at this time.
  5. Any parts that need to be changed will need SELT approval and may come with penalty. 

** If a car change is needed it will need to be a driver that qualified for the race**

Any questions, please contact Southeast Legends Tour Series Promoter Jeff Jordan (704) 792.6823.


Pre-entry is only $40.00 per car for the event and MUST BE received by close of business on Wednesday, October 28th with Jeff Jordan. This does not mean post-dated, but actually paid by that day.

Mail Forms To :

  • Jeff Jordan
  • 11895 Old Concord Rd
  • Rockwell, NC 28138