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Southeast Legends Tour Legend Car Rules for Every Event

As the 2021 Southeast Legends Tour presented by RPM Pro-Formance gets ready to begin this weekend at Anderson Motor Speedway, please familiarize yourself and your team with the series rules for Legend Cars. John Kelly is the serious head tech official and will be at the track to answer any questions.

2021 SELT Series Rules


  1. All legend cars are required to participate in the final practice round. All cars are required
    to be up to speed (determined by SELT officials) for a minimum 10 laps. NO
    SANDBAGGING!! Any cars not up to speed will be required to make additional laps
    (determined by SELT officials) until proper tire scuff is achieved. (E.I.R.I.)
  2. All cars will be impounded after the final round of practice in designated area by SELT officials
  3. Car covers and or tire covers are allowed. May be removed by SELT officials for car inspection at any time.
  4. No alterations at any time are allowed to any tire in impound! Alterations are
    defined as “changed from the tires condition after exiting racing surface” DO NOT
  5. Cars will be allowed to be worked on and parts changed after the final round of practice in
    impound area. If a tire must be removed to work on designated car that tire cannot leave
    the impound area without approval from SELT officials.
  6. Cars will need to be “ Race Ready” for qualifying. Cars will not be allowed to add fuel or
    change parts after qualifying.
  7. After qualifying cars will be impounded in the designated area by SELT officials. Cars
    can be adjusted. NO PARTS CHANGES ARE ALLOWED unless authorized by SELT
  8. European-style qualifying will consist of groups of 5 cars at a time. Groups will be set fastest to
    slowest. Top 22 cars will be set by time.
  9. Any car after qualifying in violation of “INEX Rule Page 72, #70 Asphalt Tire Rules“; 1 bad
    Hoosier tire, 2 bad federal tire will result in a DQ and must start in rear of field. Any tires
    in violation will be required to purchase and use new sticker tire from USLCI authorized
    parts dealer at the track.
  10. Any car found in violation of the 2021 INEX Rulebook after qualifying may be required to fix
    violation and may be penalized.
  11. “INEX Rule Page 69, #56” WILL BE ENFORCED. Race control communications are not
    protestable. If any driver does not respond to race control communications they will be
    black flagged to fix communication issues.